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I am going to show you something super interesting so guys whenever this span of winter is super dry and cold moisture wicking compression socks, my feet get all cranky and dry in the winter, so I was looking across something which helps in providing my feet are outstanding care and also which moisturizing and I have got lots and lots of shoe bite on my feet, so they’re all dark and filthy right now, um, so I found out this very, very interesting product on Amazon which was very weird as well, and these are the socks, I’m not able to show you guys precisely because they stick something here, but guys, these are the socks which you wear and it has a lining inside of it which is made up of silicon I guess and it has all the good things and natural things which help in moisturizing your tweet, so I am going to review this product for you guys and show you how effective moisture wicking socks for men. Does it work, and for that, we need to get into the video guys, and also if you’re someone who isn’t subscribed to my channel yet, make sure to subscribe to my channel now and be a part of theory squad, it’s free for you guys. It would mean everything to me so let’s quickly get inside the vehicle now. So as this is how the packaging looks like, and once you take it out, it is hefty, guys. Because it has this gel lining inside of it, it is a little sticky also, and on my soul on my feet. If you see, I have lots of darkening in certain parts of my feet, and also, the skin is very worn out and dry. You’ll be able to see I have marked the amount where I have the white flaky skin. After that, I have taken this Himalaya cream, guys. I am going to moisturize my feet well. After that I’ll be wearing these socks on. I will keep it for sixty minutes because you can even keep it for thirty minutes, however, you will like it. I am going to lie down for some time and read some good book.