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Of all of the things in life eyebrow microblading near me, I’ve been blessed with good brows are not on that list microblading eyebrows shapes.Micro blading has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple years to help out people like me who want good brows but don’t have them, but the service is really expensive and it’s also a freaking tattoo on your face, lucky for us a lot of makeup brands have also released these micro blading tattoo brow pens that are supposed to give you the same sort of effect, but with none of the commitment, I’m going to try out two of the most popular versions of this product and let you guys know how much I think you should spend.So the first contender today is the neighbor lean tattoo studio brow tint pen, now this one you can pick up at any drugstore, it’s about on average nine bucks.This product claims to have 24 hour wear which seems fake I think no products actually last, that long on your face unless you are just like in a bubble boy sort of environment and not moving or breathing or sweating.And this product also says that it is much proof contender number two is the tap brow of the tap Pro retails for forty dollars but luckily I got it, for I think 25 bucks which is still expensive because my HD brow product is the anastasi, a pencil which is 21 bucks, so even on sale, she’s definitely up there in price, now the top bro has some pretty similar claims to the maybelline pen, it also claims that’s going to give you 24 hour, wear it also claims that its much crew, but it went one step further and also claims that it’s waterproof.Both of these products come in four different shades and I picked up the second darkest shade in each line which for that at brough ended up being dark brown and for the maybelline pen is medium brown now since I’ve never used a product like this before, I’m not just going straight on my brow without trying it so I’m going to see if I can get the hang of this just on the back of my hand first, so first we have the maybelline one it is very small I probably look cross eyed trying to start it right now.Oh wow that actually looks really nice I see four very distinct very defined little lions, the color pretty standard medium brown, if anything it might be slightly more red than I’m used to let’s check out the tap brown.Oh alright, so immediately it’s much shorter, you can see how much longer the little tip of the maybelline pen is versus the top brow.OH. Well, first of all the color is very different, this is more neutral, maybe even kind of green I’m hoping I just need to shake this up a little bit get the pigment mixed a little better, let’s give us another try, okay okay, the color looks better looks like it mixed a little bit like I see a lot more green here than there it seems like no matter what I do I can’t really get those four lines very well okay, well I’m not gonna get four lines of this is what I’ve discovered I’m gonna have to be cool, now you can see all my bald spots, first up we got enabling feel very nervous to do this.Am I dumb I might be dumb I might be very dumb, okay so I think a change of technique is very much needed so I’m just gonna try to flip it and going from underneath nothing happened, so when I do it on my hand in the upward motion like nothing really happens, so I think you gotta go downward can OK I see it now it doesn’t look great right now I think I am having a little bit.More difficulty on the tail, I feel like it’s not filling in my bald spot right here, like I needed to that doesn’t look bad I immediately love how the head of my brow is looking you can really see those little little little little hair strokes right under here and I think it looks so natural, it looks like I actually just have thick brows and I really like that.Let’s move on to tap around hopefully now I have a bit more practice and I’m not going to totally screw up the head of the brown I did last time it’s much more natural looking than the maple leaf one that’s for sure, probably because only two of the little hair things actually work, look what’s happening in my head right now I’m trying to get the product out because it feels like it’s not even going on my brow look at that it’s barely drawing and then it just gets very clumped and streaky, so I think it’s looking natural because barely a product has gone on my brow right now I love halloween.Of this brow looks it looks super natural it looks super full, but then we get here and it’s like nothing’s even happening my brow hairs are just getting kind of combed through with this thing and it’s not depositing any product impressing pretty hard right now, yeah and it looks like I’ve done barely anything to my brows, so I’m left with two pretty different brows will say that this brow which is the side I use the maybelline pen on looks more like the everyday brow I go off of I also like how this brow turned out but I want to say that this brow which is the top brow side looks almost the same as my natural brow a natural brow is great, but I tend to just go for more of a bolder brow personally it’s not a bad.The fact I just think it turned out like this because the product wasn’t working that well I could barely get the product to come out I would just expect a forty Dollar pen to actually work I am leaning heavily towards team maybelline I do think I’m messed up in the beginning I’m not going to pretend that that was the world’s most beautiful brow when I first went in I am going to wear these to browse through out the day and I’m gonna check in late at night before bed and see where everything stands we have made it to the end of the night, it’s been almost twelve hours since I put these brows on and I gotta say I’m impressed by pull formulas because I really don’t notice a difference from when I first applied them this morning to where they are now in terms of what.Gravity in terms of being smudge proof both these formulas, they check out I think if they’re going through a full day wearing these brows I still stick with my original decision and I think the maybelline pen takes the cake, the pigmentation and just the overall effect for nine bucks, you can’t really beat the maple ln one plus everybody I asked about on Instagram happened to choose the maybelline brow as the better looking brow, the public has spoken I have spoken I think spend no more than nine dollars for this maybelline pen and forget about dealers.